High School Religious Education Class

“Care for the Homeless” Project
The High School Religious Education Class was challenged to develop and carry out two stewardship and outreach activities this year. After a brainstorming session, the group decided to assemble personal care packages for the homeless. Students

identified a long list of potential items, refined the list to a manageable number, and then set about obtaining enough items for a goal of 100 bags. Potential donors were identified, and the group split up responsibilities to contact businesses and donors. We received generous support from parishioners, the St. William’s Social Justice Fund, dental and medical offices, and hotels. The project was successful with 75 bags prepared for distribution. Retail value of each bag is about $10.

Thank you for sharing your blessings. Now please join us in distributing these bags to the homeless. Bags are in the church entry under the bulletin board where donations were collected. Please take one to keep in your vehicle and pass on to someone who

needs our help.
K-12 Religious Education

Classes meet on Wednesdays from 6:30 until 7:30 PM. First day of classes is September 16. Registration fees are $30 per student with a maximum of $100 per family. Sacrament preparation for second grade First Reconciliation and third grade First Eucharist and Confirmation is guided through RE classes with a parent participation and support.

Contact: Lacee Steinberger – 701.430.1358