What’s Happening at St William’s Church


February Happenings:

Sunday, February 25th,
Mass 8:30AM , Altar Servers Henderson & Monson, Eucharistic Ministers Schreiner &Sahl, Lector L. Steinberger, Breakfast/Cleaning Herman & Hinnenkamp


Sunday, February 25th,
Men’s Club meeting after mass


Wednesday, February 28th,
RE Supper 6:00pm Servers Retzlaff & Chadduck RE Class 6:30 – 7:30PM

Rosary is 30 minutes before mass.

Happy Lent and St. Valentine’s Day!

Karen SchreinerSt. William’s Parish Secretary
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Weather related announcements: Listen to KFGO 790 AM for possible schedule changes, a parish email will also be sent out.
As you travel a great resource for masses around the nation:

March Happenings:

Sunday, March 4th,
Mass 10:00AM, Servers Starr, J. Steinberger, Eucharistic Ministers Monsons, Lector Fritel, Breakfast/Cleaning J. Gingrey, Howatt
Wednesday, March 7th,
RE Supper 6:00PM: Servers Retzlaff & Chadduck, RE Class 6:30 -7:30PM


Sunday, March 11th,
Mass at 10:00AM, Servers Soper, A. Steinberger Eucharistic Ministers Schreiner, Lector Wilner, Breakfast/Cleaning: Idso & Jensen


Wednesday, March 14th,
RE Supper 6:00PM Servers Lang & Herman, RE Class 6:30 – 7:30PM


Sunday, March 18th,
Mass 10:00AM, Altar Servers C. Fritel, Wilner, Eucharistic Ministers L. Steinberger, Wilner Lector Thompson, Men’s Club is in charge of Breakfast


Wednesday, March 21nd,
SEDER MEAL STARTS PROMPTLY AT 6:00PM Everyone is invited


Sunday, March 25th,
Mass 10:00AM, Palm Sunday; Altar Servers Metzgers, Eucharistic Ministers Madsen & Thompson, Lector Sahl, Breakfast/Cleaning Behm & Keckler

Sunday, March 25th, Men’s Club meeting after mass

Wednesday, March 28th,
RE Supper Servers: Wilner 6:00pm, RE Class 6:30 – 7:30PM

Rosary is 30 minutes before mass each Sunday.

We are looking for volunteers interested in preparing and serving a meal at the Dorothy Day House. Please contact Judie Madsen or Gabe Davidson

Schedule for Holy Week:

Holy Thursday


Good Friday


Holy Saturday


Easter Sunday


Please register for the meal and volunteer if you are able to bring a food item for the Seder meal.



Seder Meal


On Wednesday, March 21st, the congregation of St. William’s Parish will celebrate the Seder Dinner, also called the Festival of Unleavened Bread, the Passover Meal or the Last Supper by Christians. Like Christmas and Easter, the Seder Dinner combines Festival and Celebration with a deeply moving Spiritual Experience. Where: St. Williams Catholic Church When: Wednesday, March 21st at 6:00PM

From Greg & Paulette Kraiter: 
Thank you all so very much for the meals delivered  and the prayers said for us.  We cannot express how much it means to us, we enjoyed the wonderful meals and the great company.  Also, thank you to the Men’s Club for the freezer meals, they are a great help while we continue to recover. 

May God bless you, protect you and hold you in the palm of his hand. 

Love and prayers, Greg & Paulette


Have a blessed peaceful Lent, and a GLORIOUS EASTER!

Karen Schreiner

St. William’s Parish Secretary


St William of Norwich


St William of Norwich

was a twelve-year-old boy, an apprentice to a tanner in Norwich, England.  He was kidnapped and ritually tortured and crucified because of his christian faith.

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