What’s Happening at St William’s Church

    August Happenings:


Sunday, August 27th,
8:30AM, Volunteers are needed for all ministries, Rosary before mass starting at 8:00AM

September Happenings:
Sunday, September 24th: 

9:30AM, Mass 10AM
Altar Servers; Metzgers, Lector; Keckler, Eucharistic Ministers; Monsons, Breakfast & Cleaning; Tretter & Tschida,  Men’s Club after mass
Sunday, September 24th there will not be coffee and rolls after mass,  everyone is encouraged to attend the benefit for the Russiff family.  There is a pancake feed, silent auction and bake sale from 7AM-2PM at the Harwood Community Center.
Wednesday, September 27th
6:00PM dinner servers TBD;  RE Classes 6:30 – 7:30PM , Mass at 7:00PM
Friday, September 29th
Gingrey Wedding practice Saturday, September 30

September is a month of change, many blessings on all the changes that fall brings.

Karen Schreiner

St. William’s Parish Secretary

Your weekly tithing amount will automatically be deducted from your account and sent to St. Williams.
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St William of Norwich


St William of Norwich

was a twelve-year-old boy, an apprentice to a tanner in Norwich, England.  He was kidnapped and ritually tortured and crucified because of his christian faith.

Parish Phone:

107 Drake Ave
Argusville, ND  58005